Good Will Punting

If bloodlines in a horse are given currency, then what value is pedigree of the reinsman doing the steering? You only have to briefly shine the spotlight on rising star Will Rixon to concede that it probably does factor into the equation. Will is the son of harness racing royalty Peter and Cindy Rixon– and the brother of fellow drivers […]

The Night Cricket Played Cupid

Cricket’s T20 Champions League tournament lasted only six years before it was abandoned following the 2014 edition. It unearthed and launched several prominent careers. West Indian stars Kieron Pollard and Sunil Narine are two of the genuine success stories who announced themselves through the CLT20 concept. It pitted franchises from around the world against each other in a concerted bid […]

Long to Remain Behind Bars

One thing is for certain this Christmas. Convicted killer Robert Long will remain behind bars for the festive season. Long has filed for a time extension on his parole application until early next year. When asked for an update on the status of his parole application, Queensland Corrective Services provided this statement to me today: “Mr Long requested time to […]

Cracking the King Kohli Code

Somewhere in Victoria’s south, a dossier on the world’s best batsmen has been reduced to recycled pulp. You see, Darren Berry moved house a fortnight ago. His notes were thrown out in the cull. “Sadly, I’m no longer involved,” he told me. “I painfully looked at them all then threw them all out. I thought well, they’re not needed any […]

When Australiana Goes A-Straya

It was June 1983 when the brains trust behind the 12th Man series Billy Birmingham penned the hit spoken-word record “Australiana” for comedian Austen Tayshus. It posed the question – “how much can a koala bear?” Almost 40 years on and shoppers are asking the same thing now that Australiana has been given a very contemporary, visual overhaul. It’s all […]

Major Development in Long’s Parole Hearing

The President of the Queensland Parole Board has declared a conflict of interest and will not be participating in the hearing to determine the application for release by convicted murderer Robert Long. Following a direct request I made to Queensland Corrective Services, it confirmed Michael Byrne QC will step aside when the matter is heard. No update has been provided […]

Beating the Odds to Create a Vision

Mid-week in a suburban mall on Sydney’s northern beaches and shoppers do a double take as they walk past a pop-up sunglasses stand. A popular national television presenter and her retired footballer partner Matt Ballin – a local hero in these parts after delivering multiple premierships to the neighbourhood – are manning the counter. School Sunnies Australia is finally operational […]

Surfing the Perfect Wave in a Year of Wipeouts

It’s the sixth of January, 2020. Commercial flights from Melbourne’s Tullamarine runway soar above queues of waxheads with shortboards tucked under their armpit. URBNSURF CEO Damon Tudor watches on and can’t help but ponder how far removed he is from the desert of Dubai. Opening day for Australia’s first urban surf park is running to plan. And for a moment, […]

Robert Long Parole Hearing Imminent

A decision regarding the parole application made by convicted murderer Robert Paul Long appears to be imminent. Long was sentenced to 20 years behind bars after being found guilty of arson and two counts of murder after he set fire to the Palace Backpackers Hostel in Childers on June 23, 2000. The details of the tragedy, which claimed the lives […]

We Must Remember Them

It’s the worst fear of anyone who sends a loved one abroad on military deployment. Army Chaplain Brenton Fry is responsible for delivering the news that their son, daughter, husband or wife – has been killed in combat. Today, at the 11th hour of this 11th day in this 11th month, he will remember them. “There are some things you […]