30 Years Strong

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My mate’s wedding in the USA was a great chance for a mini reunion with a couple of blokes I’m very lucky to call my friends. Matt and I moved onto residential College in the same year and what a ride it was over the four years on campus. For the second half of that journey we both held committee positions at the College and together we played a lead role in plotting the social activities that so many former residents still talk about today! It’s fair to say many of those stories and even some of the old endeavours were taken for a stroll down memory lane in the lead-up to the nuptials. I was joined in the States by Damo who also found time out of his very busy management role to stand alongside Johnno as his best man on the day. Damo joined us at College for the final two years of our College adventures and some great lifelong bonds were certainly formed. What an honour to be asked to be at the wedding and a privelige to see a bloke I’ve known for more than half my life tie the knot. Three amigos let loose in the states. A week I’ll never forget!

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