I love a good quote. Whether it be from an esteemed leader, a philosopher, a humanitarian or a celebrity.

There are some cracking lines out there but I reckon this one above is spot on.

It is attributed to George Halas, who was the founder, owner and head coach of the NFL franchise the Chicago Bears. He also played a handful of games as an outfielder for the New York Yankees.

What can I say … sports are my jam!

His story is quite fascinating. As a 20 year-old he was working for Western Electric and was supposed to join his coworkers aboard the SS Eastland a company picnic in Michigan City.

But he was a promising footballer and was obsessed with gaining enough weight to play College football at Illinois. He’d been training that morning and his brother took extra time to weigh afterwards.

It meant he was running late for the picnic and missed the boat’s departure. It capsized on that journey and killed 844 passengers.

Perhaps that helps explain the quote. Don’t leave anything to chance and give it your all … all the time!

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