So I was just sitting here winding down for the day and a question came on The Chase.

During World War II, the future Queen Elizabeth II served as a what?

The hipster on the clock pondered the options.

Was she a mechanic? A nurse? Or a telephonist?

Tough one hey!

Old mate locked in his answer. With his hands in the air he threw a dart at the board. He went nurse.

From the comfort of the couch, I scoffed. Surely he’s made a nationally televised blooper.

For the record, I was on C. I figured there’s no way the future Queen would have put time in to qualify as a nurse or do a mechanical trade.

I figured with that posh accent and a crisp turn of phrase she would have been magic on the switchboard.

Turns out we were both wrong.

Yeah yeah. I’m with you pal. I’m confused too.

No fooling Goliath. Man he’s good.

He gave it that trademark smug smirk as the answer rolled in.

So now I was intrigued. A mechanic? Really? So I did my googles and went looking for confirmation.

Turns out, The Chase and Goliath weren’t lying.

Go Queen Lizzie!

Archive photos show her with gloves in hand ready to get her pit crew game on.

There’s pics of her checking out what’s under the hood! Her Mum even popped by for a little bo peep.

And if the Royal caboose ever needs a tyre change, our grand Matriarch showed she knows how to get those treads sorted.

Maybe this was common knowledge. But I must admit, this was news to me and I feel a whole lot smarter for knowing it.

And the Queen … props to you. Serious street cred right there! What a legend!

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