So there I am on the couch, still coming to terms with how the Broncos managed to let another one slip, while piecing together a same game multi on the Orlando vs Brooklyn NBA game.

I’m asking myself, how likely Jarrett Allen was to pull down more than 10 rebounds against Nicola Vukevic and Aaron Gordon. You know, the big issues.

When all of a sudden there’s commotion outside. Sad thing is, that’s not uncommon these days.

Short-term letting has turned the apartment building across the street into an itinerant fraternity house so it’s easy to become immune to the noise.

But this was different gravy. And it was escalating with violent ferocity.

By the time I made it to the balcony I could hear the thumping crunch of blows being landed at the end of the street.

Then the cavalry scurried. And suddenly they were within sight. More than 10 of them. Young men and women.

They were anxious. One man was rallying them. He told them they had to leave. And quickly.

“He’s just slashed him” … I heard him say.

They spoke to the driver of a vehicle which pulled up in the street and they ran.

Then two others arrived. A male and female. He did something with his hands. It looked as though he was removing gloves. They made a mad dash too.

I decided to go downstairs to see what had happened. I sensed there may be a victim to attend to.

Myself and another resident from my street got there at the same time.

In a garden bed on the side of the road, a man lay with his face and hands covered in blood. I thought he was dead.

Within seconds, police cars approached from both directions. Their sirens sounding and lights flashing. I waved them down. There’s no way they would have spotted the man in the dark otherwise.

I told them he needed an ambulance urgently.

His condition was serious. Police confirmed to me he’d been stabbed.

I have no idea if he will live. What the hell is wrong with people?

I don’t know the reasons why this happened or how it unfolded. But I’m fed up that it happened at all.

Haven’t we got enough mayhem going on in the world right now without violence being added to the equation?

As I write this, the police are still scouring the street outside and patrolling the area.

Let’s hope they find what they’re looking for and the people involved.

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