Flicking through the channels tonight and I couldn’t help but stop, collaborate and listen as I stumbled across Kill Bill Vol. 1 on one of the movie channels.

It’s a pure masterpiece on so many levels. Timeless. Clever. Genius some might say.

But it also got me remembering the pure highway robbery it endured when it came to awards season when its time rolled around.

Released in October 2003, it pulled in big bucks at the box office. It was the first Quentin Tarantino flick in six years and it certainly delivered.

But when the awards season came, it was flat out ignored.

Just the one Golden Globes nomination – Uma Thurman got a Best Actress nod but was beaten by Charlize Theron for Monster. Fair enough. Pretty solid performance that.

But when it came to Academy Awards, nothing for Uma. In fact nothing for Kill Bill Vol 1 at all.

It was the year The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King cleaned up. 11 nominations. And it won all of them.

There was Bill Murray’s career-reviver Lost In Translation. Russell Crowe’s sailboat adventure Master and Commander. The original Winx biopic Seabiscuit and Mystic River – for which Sean Penn and Tim Robbins took out both acting awards.

Between them, they pretty much dominated the nominations in just about every category.

Nothing for Tarantino as a Director. But more absurdly, no recognition for his epic original screenplay that is Kill Bill Vol 1.

Instead, that went to Lost In Translation. It beat a couple of “straight to videos” and Finding Nemo. All due respect … but … what the?

It doesn’t get much more original and clever than Kill Bill Vol 1. Or indeed Kill Bill Vol 2 – released just six months later.

Just my thoughts and after another viewing, I’m reminded that 16 years on it remains as worthy and yet cheated out of acclaim as it ever was.

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