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My thanks to the Bundaberg Regional Council for supporting the production of the podcast

Oh – and CHILDERS is packed full of original music. It was composed, sound designed and edited by the super talented Zoltan Fecso. Check out his work HERE

My thanks also to Darren Coggan. His amazing song Spirit of the Free was written about the Childers Backpackers Hostel fire and he has kindly granted permission for its use in this podcast. You can check out his website HERE

5 thoughts on “How to Listen to Childers – The Podcast

  1. This is amazing Paul, very emotional, Brought Tears To My Eyes, Very Well Presented, you Are Brilliant At what you do, Uncle Jimmi is Ever So Proud Of You, we Both Are……. It was a Horriffic Time for all concerned, very Sad, Heartbreaking, For Them all and Their Families and Loved Ones……. If there is an Award for a Jurno, You Deserve One For This, Remarkable, It would Of Also Been Hard For you listening their stories…….. CONGRATULATUONS Paul, Very Well Presented

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for compiling these podcasts regarding Childers and the horrific night of 23 June 2000. I was a police officer working at nearby Biggenden. Childers is in Bundaberg District and Biggenden is in Maryborough District, although back then they shared the same radio channel. On that night I had several annoying call-outs to disturbances; the last was just around midnight when I heard Geoff Fay calling for resources on the police radio. When I asked him what was going on he told me they had a ‘substantial building fire in the main street’. When I asked if he needed help, Geoff said “Roly, we need all the help we can get”. Long story short, I got to Childers at around 1am when it was all still chaos, assisting the Childers crew with roadblocks and then searching for the offender, until about 6am. Unfortunately I had a long week-end away (wedding anniversary) booked starting that same morning, so I drove back home then immediately headed off for my ‘relaxing weekend’ on Fraser Island,(which of course was not to be – such trauma is a hard thing to switch off). This year I was hoping to return to Childers for the 20th anniversary to pay my respects, but COVID has destroyed that happening, so today I inquired with Celeste from Childers Station and she updated me on the latest info and sent me a link to your podcasts. Although I have not listened to them yet, I hope I can enjoy them and find a bit of peace and maybe closure from such an horrific time in my career. Thanks for recording such a defining event in Queensland Criminal History.

    Kind regards
    Roly Watkin

  3. Hi Paul
    Really well done on all counts…so professional and your interviews are so empathetic. I did weep listening as I remember my daughter phoning me that morning (in UK) all those years ago. I also remember the gratitude and relief I felt that the Childers community were looking after her….free phone calls, passport, clothes, food…So wonderful and a big thank you to everyone and to you!

  4. I am an inspector/certifier of fire detection and emergency warning systems in all types of buildings and facilities (and was also a volunteer firefighter with the Country Fire Authority Victoria until a couple of years ago). Listening to Paul’s podcasts has reinforced my long standing commitment to ensuring that I do my job to the to the very best of my ability. The stories of the survivors and the families of the deceased is heartbreaking and absolutely harrowing to say the least. This is an amazing collection of interviews and information about the horrendous event at Childers. Thank you Paul and to everyone who took part.

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