I’ve lost count how many times i’ve seen the movie Happy Gilmore over the years.

It was a bit of a cult classic when I was living on College so it got a fair run on the old VHS.

So as I was channel surfing this evening I couldn’t help but tune in as Happy went on his gold jacket run.

As he lined up and sunk that miracle final-hole putt then celebrated winning back the keys to Grandma’s house from that loathsome Shooter McGavin, the credits rolled and the cast cascaded down the screen.

Happy’s girlfriend … the one on the right

And there it was. Happy’s girlfriend Virginia Venit played by Julie Bowen. Which had me going all “what?” “Wait!”

Julie Bowen. The Emmy award winning actress who carved out a hugely-successful career as Claire Dunphy in Modern Family.

Claire … married to Phil …

Who knew? I’ll admit to being a little taken aback. How did I not twig to this earlier?

The last time that happened was when I realised the kid who played Charlie who was being creeped upon in the Chocolate Factory was the gifted Good Doctor.

Freddie Highmore – escaped the Chocolate Factory to become The Good Doctor

Then of course there was Jenny in Forrest Gump who went on to be Claire Underwood in House of Cards.

Life is like a box chocolates

No doubt that list will grow over time. But gee it’s nice to be surprised sometimes!

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