Episode 6 of the Childers podcast is now available.

It focuses on the community response to the fire on 23 June, 2000 – led by the town’s inspirational Mayor of the time – Bill Trevor.

20 years on, Childers continues to deal with the scars inflicted that night.

However, with Bill at helm and Isis Shire Council CEO (and current Bundaberg Regional Council CEO) Steve Johnston and Cultural Projects Manager Nancy Calder providing expertise and support, there was a compassionate and structured process in leading the town’s recovery.

But it was the overwhelming support from an army of community volunteers, which included tireless contributions from people like Donna Duncan, which continues to be lauded two decades after the fire.

Their stories are a reflection of their outstanding work in bringing calm and direction to the small highway town.

You can hear from them in Episode 6 of Childers – the podcast.


Here is Episode 6 – Bill


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