It’s a big weekend for our super-talented podcast editor and sound composer Zoltan Fecso with the release of his new album Daylight In An Empty Room.

It’s his third album, following on from the debut release Shimmer Raga in 2018 and the follow-up Entering and Emerging earlier this year.

You may recall Zoltan was the sound editor and original music producer on Australia’s chart-topping podcast series CHILDERS which was released in June and shot to number 1.

Daylight In An Empty Room was recorded over a six month period in late 2019 and early 2020.

It was originally scheduled for release in May but the COVID-19 crisis delayed its rollout. Whitelabrecs – the label releasing the album was forced to shut down its physical operations until recently because of the health pandemic.

This latest release is a slight departure from Zoltan’s previous work.

“I’ve been developing a technique called Pointillism, which embraces the limitation of using only repeating single notes to create music,” Zoltan said.

“I aimed to create a more open, spacious sound than on my previous albums.”

“I’m really proud of this album. It’s a collection of 8 solo guitar improvisations and reflects Pointillism in its different forms really nicely. I hope it’ll encourage people to find new detail in simplicity.”

Daylight In An Empty Room is complemented by a contemporary album cover which is an original painting by Zoltan’s partner, Melbourne artist Claire Lefebvre.

“We work closely together and share an interest in minimalism. My first album Shimmer Raga was a dedication to her painting of the same name. The painting for this album was part of a series of geometric studies,” Zoltan said.

As a little side note to that – CHILDERS podcast listeners may recall a re-creation of Minoeska humming James Taylor’s You’ve Got A Friend in the fields in FAREWELL – the final episode of the series. That was Claire!

Here’s Claire’s painting which is the album cover for Daylight In An Empty Room

She has an incredible catalogue of work in her collection. You can check it out HERE


You can also click on these links to find Zoltan’s previous albums SHIMMER RAGA and ENTERING AND EMERGING

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