On June 23, 2000, the Palace Backpacker Hostel fire in Childers was the biggest news story in the world.

I was the first TV journalist on scene and would report on every stage of the story over the next three years, from the fire, the people involved and the full investigation to the building redevelopment to its grand re-opening.

But in the early stages, it was a consolidated press pack from across the world, in Childers to report on the devastation and the toll it had taken on the small community.

In hindsight, we look back now and it was a roll call of some of Australia’s most prominent journalists who would eventually go on to have significant careers in the industry.

But one story has never left them and made an impact more than any other. CHILDERS.

At the forefront, from a television perspective, were two rival commercial stations, led by the Seven Network’s Kim Skubris and a young reporter from Channel Nine – Karl Stefanovic.

This is their story in Episode 10 of CHILDERS – The Podcast


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