Good Will Punting

If bloodlines in a horse are given currency, then what value is pedigree of the reinsman doing the steering? You only have to briefly shine the spotlight on rising star Will Rixon to concede that it probably does factor into the equation. Will is the son of harness racing royalty Peter and Cindy Rixon– and the brother of fellow drivers […]

The Night Cricket Played Cupid

Cricket’s T20 Champions League tournament lasted only six years before it was abandoned following the 2014 edition. It unearthed and launched several prominent careers. West Indian stars Kieron Pollard and Sunil Narine are two of the genuine success stories who announced themselves through the CLT20 concept. It pitted franchises from around the world against each other in a concerted bid […]

Cracking the King Kohli Code

Somewhere in Victoria’s south, a dossier on the world’s best batsmen has been reduced to recycled pulp. You see, Darren Berry moved house a fortnight ago. His notes were thrown out in the cull. “Sadly, I’m no longer involved,” he told me. “I painfully looked at them all then threw them all out. I thought well, they’re not needed any […]

The Opening Ceremony Australia Almost Boycotted

These days, it’s virtually impossible to get exclusive footage of something. Smartphones are everywhere. Citizen journalism is all around us. Social media is a hungry beast and there are more than enough suitors out there prepared to feed its insatiable appetite. News travels fast. It’s even rarer at a major event the size of the Commonwealth Games. But for a […]

The Making of a Fantasy Sport Franchise

15 years ago, I was on the freelance journalism trail. I’d just returned from playing cricket in England for a couple of years and was happy to take whatever work came along. Now that I think of it, not much has changed really. So I headed north to sunny Townsville. Drove two days and slept on a mate’s floor for […]

Alby’s Analytics Podcast

The Queensland city of Bundaberg is famous for many things. Its sugar. Definitely its world renowned rum. Even aviation thanks to the pioneering pilot Bert Hinkler. Aussie band GANGgajang wrote their iconic anthem Sounds of Then (This is Australia) as an ode to his youth growing up in the ‘Berg. “Out on the patio we sit … we’d watch the […]

The Anthony Seibold I Remember

To be clear, I don’t know Anthony Seibold. But like most sports lovers my age from Central Queensland, I’ve known who he is for more than 30 years. So I’ve got a natural sympathy and empathy for the fallen Broncos coach that goes far beyond the club’s Red Hill headquarters. For context, Seibold was a junior sporting star. Actually, “star” […]

The Greatest Ever ODI Team

Despite the absolute obvious, COVID-19 can be accused of being a vehicle to all sorts of hypotheticals and fantasy scenarios. Scroll your Facebook timeline. You’ll see what I mean. Greatest ever cartoon character? Most influential album in your life? Inspirational travel snaps? Favourite dance move? Best mash-up team from your favourite team in whatever code you support? And on that […]

MJ and Bacon’s Law

Back in the mid 90’s there was a game that four College students invented called the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It was designed on the premise that in six moves or less you could connect every actor in Hollywood with Kevin Bacon. There is delicious irony in the fact the theory was devised after watching KB play College basketball […]

Might and Power

I’m well aware some find it difficult to fathom that a human can go fanboy on a horse. Really. I get it. But ask anyone who’s spent time or a few of their hard-earned on a nag and they’ll spin you a yarn about an equine phenomenon who rocked their world at a point in time. Might and Power was […]