The Greatest Ever ODI Team

Despite the absolute obvious, COVID-19 can be accused of being a vehicle to all sorts of hypotheticals and fantasy scenarios. Scroll your Facebook timeline. You’ll see what I mean. Greatest ever cartoon character? Most influential album in your life? Inspirational travel snaps? Favourite dance move? Best mash-up team from your favourite team in whatever code you support? And on that […]

MJ and Bacon’s Law

Back in the mid 90’s there was a game that four College students invented called the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It was designed on the premise that in six moves or less you could connect every actor in Hollywood with Kevin Bacon. There is delicious irony in the fact the theory was devised after watching KB play College basketball […]

Might and Power

I’m well aware some find it difficult to fathom that a human can go fanboy on a horse. Really. I get it. But ask anyone who’s spent time or a few of their hard-earned on a nag and they’ll spin you a yarn about an equine phenomenon who rocked their world at a point in time. Might and Power was […]

40 Years On from Kenny’s Historic Double

It is one of the the most remarkable achievements in Australian sporting history. On a typically perfect Sunshine Coast day 40 years ago, surf lifesaving legend Grant Kenny announced himself to the world with a herculean performance. As a 16 year old, he won the senior Ironman national title then got back on the start line less than an hour […]

Running With the Bulls

It’s 25 years since Queensland won its inaugural Sheffield Shield title. And noting the milestone this morning, I couldn’t help but recall my own version of witnessing how that grand old Shield was finally sent north of the Tweed. Given the run of success the state has enjoyed since, it may be hard for some to appreciate just what a […]

“Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.”

I love a good quote. Whether it be from an esteemed leader, a philosopher, a humanitarian or a celebrity. There are some cracking lines out there but I reckon this one above is spot on. It is attributed to George Halas, who was the founder, owner and head coach of the NFL franchise the Chicago Bears. He also played a […]