CHILDERS Partners with the World’s Biggest Podcast Company – Acast

Chart-topping digital audio production CHILDERS – The Full Story has joined the world’s biggest podcast company Acast. Released as an independent True Crime podcast series through June and July this year, CHILDERS soared to number one on the Australian charts. It has currently clocked more than 300,000 downloads and has charted in more than 40 countries worldwide. Researched, written and […]

A Sadistic Pre-meditated Attack

There’s an unease in my neighbourhood tonight. Not a fear for safety by any means, but an unsettling feeling nonetheless. Our weekend started with crime on our doorstep. And I was a witness as a man lay helpless fighting for his life in a garden bed at the end of the street. Even today, three days on, a divot lined […]

Stabbing in the Neighbourhood

So there I am on the couch, still coming to terms with how the Broncos managed to let another one slip, while piecing together a same game multi on the Orlando vs Brooklyn NBA game. I’m asking myself, how likely Jarrett Allen was to pull down more than 10 rebounds against Nicola Vukevic and Aaron Gordon. You know, the big […]

I Created Australia’s Number 1 Podcast

I created Australia’s number 1 podcast. After hours. In my spare time. On. My. Couch. It still blows my mind. CHILDERS – The Full Story launched just over a month ago. Since then, my little passion project has clocked up more than 260-thousand downloads. It’s charted in more than 30 countries world-wide. Yesterday it jumped 125 places in Hong Kong. […]

The Parking Fine that’s not Fine With Me

I remember the morning well. The 6th of June, 2020. It was a Saturday. I’d woken up after a long night working on my podcast CHILDERS – The Full Story. I needed coffee. Real coffee. Something strong with some serious teeth about it. I’ve got one of those pod machines on the kitchen bench which serves me well. But the […]

Episode 22 of Childers Podcast – The Farewell

Immediately after the fire, the Childers community embraced the backpackers as their own. It made the task of saying goodbye and returning to normality even more difficult. A simple thank you has never felt like enough. 20 years on, their gratitude and appreciation of the small Queensland town they are forever linked to is stronger than ever. In Episode 22 […]

Episode 21 of Childers Podcast – Family

The fire at the Palace Backpackers Hostel in Childers on June 23, 2000 changed lives forever. It took young men and women way too soon and caused immeasurable trauma to those who escaped the building that night. They would return home a very different version of the carefree backpacker who set off on the travel adventure of a lifetime, leaving […]

Episode 20 of Childers Podcast – Neil’s Story

When Neil Griffith and his University friend Nigel decided to pack up their life in late 1999 and head to Australia on the adventure of a lifetime, they were young, carefree fun-seekers with the world at their feet. But it would be a trip engulfed by multiple episodes of tragedy and trauma and a key role in the investigation into […]

Episode 19 of Childers Podcast – The Legacy of the Fire

The Childers fire is considered the worst arson attack in Queensland history. The after effects were far-reaching with local businesses and the tourism industry taking both a financial and reputational hit. Solutions needed to be found and that started with fixing Queensland’s inadequate fire safety laws. In Episode 19 of Childers – The Full Story podcast, former Queensland Premier Peter […]

Childers Podcast Episode 18 – Creating a Memorial to the Palace 15

It took just two years and four months for the Palace to be re-opened following a full re-build on the site of the exisiting hostel. There was considerable consultation with the community and the victims’ families before agreeing on what would be a stunning memorial to the Palace 15. But getting to that highly emotional unveiling was far more complex […]