Beating the Odds to Create a Vision

Mid-week in a suburban mall on Sydney’s northern beaches and shoppers do a double take as they walk past a pop-up sunglasses stand. A popular national television presenter and her retired footballer partner Matt Ballin – a local hero in these parts after delivering multiple premierships to the neighbourhood – are manning the counter. School Sunnies Australia is finally operational […]

Surfing the Perfect Wave in a Year of Wipeouts

It’s the sixth of January, 2020. Commercial flights from Melbourne’s Tullamarine runway soar above queues of waxheads with shortboards tucked under their armpit. URBNSURF CEO Damon Tudor watches on and can’t help but ponder how far removed he is from the desert of Dubai. Opening day for Australia’s first urban surf park is running to plan. And for a moment, […]

Robert Long Parole Hearing Imminent

A decision regarding the parole application made by convicted murderer Robert Paul Long appears to be imminent. Long was sentenced to 20 years behind bars after being found guilty of arson and two counts of murder after he set fire to the Palace Backpackers Hostel in Childers on June 23, 2000. The details of the tragedy, which claimed the lives […]

We Must Remember Them

It’s the worst fear of anyone who sends a loved one abroad on military deployment. Army Chaplain Brenton Fry is responsible for delivering the news that their son, daughter, husband or wife – has been killed in combat. Today, at the 11th hour of this 11th day in this 11th month, he will remember them. “There are some things you […]

See You Down At The Local

Have you heard the one about the three blokes who walked into a pub? No seriously? Have you? This one is no joke. It’s the story of a trio of highly-talented TV professionals who’ve been trekking New South Wales to extract some of the cracking yarns which get absorbed into soggy beer coasters and become the stuff of urban legend. […]