Daylight In An Empty Room

It’s a big weekend for our super-talented podcast editor and sound composer Zoltan Fecso with the release of his new album Daylight In An Empty Room. It’s his third album, following on from the debut release Shimmer Raga in 2018 and the follow-up Entering and Emerging earlier this year. You may recall Zoltan was the sound editor and original music […]

The Anthony Seibold I Remember

To be clear, I don’t know Anthony Seibold. But like most sports lovers my age from Central Queensland, I’ve known who he is for more than 30 years. So I’ve got a natural sympathy and empathy for the fallen Broncos coach that goes far beyond the club’s Red Hill headquarters. For context, Seibold was a junior sporting star. Actually, “star” […]

Interview with Me about Childers Podcast

Last week I posted a link to a review of CHILDERS – The Full Story by Ollie and James at My Friend Has Never Listened to a Podcast Well now there is a second part to that – call it a bonus if you like! An interview with me discussing how CHILDERS came about. It may help give you some […]

Review of Childers Podcast

One of the great – and scary – things about releasing a project such as CHILDERS – The Full Story is the public scrutiny that goes with it. However, when Oli and James from the really cool series My Friend Has Never Listened to A Podcast got in touch and said they planned on reviewing CHILDERS – I knew I […]

CHILDERS Partners with the World’s Biggest Podcast Company – Acast

Chart-topping digital audio production CHILDERS – The Full Story has joined the world’s biggest podcast company Acast. Released as an independent True Crime podcast series through June and July this year, CHILDERS soared to number one on the Australian charts. It has currently clocked more than 300,000 downloads and has charted in more than 40 countries worldwide. Researched, written and […]

A Sadistic Pre-meditated Attack

There’s an unease in my neighbourhood tonight. Not a fear for safety by any means, but an unsettling feeling nonetheless. Our weekend started with crime on our doorstep. And I was a witness as a man lay helpless fighting for his life in a garden bed at the end of the street. Even today, three days on, a divot lined […]

Stabbing in the Neighbourhood

So there I am on the couch, still coming to terms with how the Broncos managed to let another one slip, while piecing together a same game multi on the Orlando vs Brooklyn NBA game. I’m asking myself, how likely Jarrett Allen was to pull down more than 10 rebounds against Nicola Vukevic and Aaron Gordon. You know, the big […]